In-restaurant table online ordering using iPads, Tablets and mobiles

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Your Menu Into a Tablet Screen, iPad or a Smartphone: Chains and independent restaurants are looking to integrate new technologies into their stores. The use of touchscreen tablets for digital menus and in-store ordering in particular has caught on in the past couple of years and seems to represent a growing trend, not only in restaurants but also in holiday resorts.

The online/mobile ordering system, by default, can be used on any type of device from PCs, iphones, and tablets to smartphones, iPads and laptops. This is also true for the system's administration/management application which can be used to monitor sales in real time, for reporting or management of the menu, prices and opening hours.

As such, there is no additional software or components needed for the system to work other than customising it so that instead of delivery to an address, in this case "deliveries" are done to table numbers. It's as simple as that.

You could even take orders and split them before sending them to the kitchen so that, for example, starters go to one part of the kitchen and mains to another.

Whatever the need, the online ordering system can be customised to meet your every need.


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